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REPTIEL Releases Fantasy Rock Album, Hobbitozz … A Land That Never Was

Cubby Control Records announces the release of REPTIEL’s new album “Hobbitozz … A Land That Never Was”, a psychedelic prog rock fairy tale that takes place in a fantasy world somewhere between Middle Earth and the Land of Oz. It relates the story of Forest Boy who awakens one morning ... Read More »

Hypnotic new video release from NZ’s The Transcendents

Hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand, The Transcendents are a music project spearheaded by Chris Pole. Their recently-released self-titled debut album – described by indie-music website The Equal Ground as ‘vertigo-inducing’- is a defiantly lo-fi affair, as are the videos which accompany five of the ten tracks. These include the rapid-fire ... Read More »

BxRod Brings New Vibes to the Bay Area

Hailing from Northern California, Bay Area singer BxRod (Bee-Ex-Rod) is shedding some new light on the Hip-hop/RnB scene. At only 18 years old, she is helping to show that there is more to her generation then just “turning up”. Shying away from the more mainstream sounds of Heartbreak Gang slaps ... Read More »

Underground Producer Hiro Showcases Future House Tracks [Free Download]

One of best things about scouring through SoundCloud is the endless opportunity to find underground artists/producers who have posted tracks that show true potential and future promise. An example of this is when I found Vancouver-based producer, Hiro, through Reddit. Although not much is known about this producer, the two ... Read More »

Emerging Alternative/Pop Artist Libertay Releases ‘Southern Royalty’

Libertay is a female recording artist, residing just south of Nashville, TN. With southern roots, and an eclectic music taste, she has single handedly created a personal sound unlike any other. Her voice is a beautiful mixture of pop and folk complimented by unique synths and drum beats. Libertay’s passion ... Read More »

Italian Rockers ‘Noel & The Pandas’ Set to Release Debut Album – ‘In The Art Of Doom’

Noel and the Pandas are the hottest new alternative rock sound to emerge from Italy. With a soft rock sound and sensitive lyrics, the guys add a hearty Italian twist to rock. The band is led by front man Noel, who is the ultimate Italian Jack of all trades that ... Read More »

Funny Viral Campaign Seeks Justice for Unpaid DJ’s

Pay The DJ seeks justice for the unpaid DJ’s all over the world. Did you know that last year over 60% of the British DJ’s had to work for free? Did you know that the problem is global: DJ’s all over the world are suffering from the “pay-to-play” culture. Pay ... Read More »

Rising Bay Area Rapper Brings Heartfelt Vibe to Korean Instrumental

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New Music Discovery App “Zambah” Announces Public Beta

Zambah announced today that public beta for their new application has begun. No longer, will the general public have to wait for an invitation because they can now instantly create a Zambah account directly from the main website. The Zambah platform provides independent artists with the most important tools needed ... Read More »

K.U.T. Releases “The Beat Theory” An Underground Beat Journey

Underground Hip Hop is thriving for those that know where to look. Many great Emcees are in existence expressing themselves on the Underground indie scene. Releasing music, making videos and doing shows, times are great. Hip Hop itself is healthy and many artists in the mainstream have successful careers and ... Read More »