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Japanese Fighting Fish are ‘Swimming with Piranhas’ in their new savage release!

Japanese Fighting Fish, four lads who anchor their boat in London, are bringing fun back to rock with their electrifying new album ‘Swimming with Piranhas’ Read More »

New Rock Album, “Solstice”. You’ll Never Believe Where It Was Recorded.

Solstice is the new alternative progressive rock album that is so underground, it was recorded in a basement. The singer/guitarist answers some questions. Read More »

Jamaica’s Past is the Future – Rockers Revived

Jordan Mais & the Rebelistic Band, on a mission to preserve and elevate Jamaica’s foundation music. Read More »

Man from the Box releases “Three Sides of a Tragedy I”, a powerful story told with amazing music

Man from the Box has released his debut EP “Three Sides of a Tragedy I”, which is the first in the trilogy “Three Sides of a Tragedy”. The story, and inspiration, behind the music is based on true events. Living in a place where we share our mundane life with ... Read More »

REPTIEL Releases Fantasy Rock Album, Hobbitozz … A Land That Never Was

Cubby Control Records announces the release of REPTIEL’s new album “Hobbitozz … A Land That Never Was”, a psychedelic prog rock fairy tale that takes place in a fantasy world somewhere between Middle Earth and the Land of Oz. It relates the story of Forest Boy who awakens one morning ... Read More »

Italian Rockers ‘Noel & The Pandas’ Set to Release Debut Album – ‘In The Art Of Doom’

Noel and the Pandas are the hottest new alternative rock sound to emerge from Italy. With a soft rock sound and sensitive lyrics, the guys add a hearty Italian twist to rock. The band is led by front man Noel, who is the ultimate Italian Jack of all trades that ... Read More »


Student run record label Five of Five Music Entertainment (VVME) has just launched their search for their 2014 – 2015 “Artist-of-the-Year”. California State University, Northridge (CSUN) is responding to the demands of an evolving music industry by empowering a workforce of aspiring industry leaders enrolled in the Music Industry Studies ... Read More »

OKT: Re-imagining SoCal Underground Reggae

The influence of Reggae has witnessed resurgence in the last few years. Beyond a musical genre, it is a culture, a way of life. It’s message is simple: One Love, an echo of Bob Marley’s vision for music and the world. It is carried across the country and across the ... Read More »

Mean I Are – The Next Record You Need in your Collection

In a sushi bar somewhere in LA a group of hipster kids are taking shots and gearing-up for The Hit Machine. The opening act finished over an hour ago, and all the chatter is that the headlining band is up the road getting sloshed at cheaper bar. “They’re always a ... Read More »

Alan McGee: New Book, New Star Band?

Every fan of rock and roll has been awaiting the release of Alan McGee’s new biography; and why not? It charts the life of one of music’s most illustrious moguls. However, it was in a club in the heart of the Toxteth area of Liverpool where I found out he ... Read More »