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Man from the Box releases “Three Sides of a Tragedy I”, a powerful story told with amazing music

Man from the Box releases “Three Sides of a Tragedy I”, a powerful story told with amazing music

Man from the Box has released his debut EP “Three Sides of a Tragedy I”, which is the first in the trilogy “Three Sides of a Tragedy”. The story, and inspiration, behind the music is based on true events. Living in a place where we share our mundane life with crime and violence, the simple wish of hanging out for fun may become a real tragedy. The unlucky ones depart too early and leave behind family and good friends.

This first piece tells the story from the victim’s point of view – the dark face of a tragedy.

Man from the Box is a contemporary progressive rock music project started by Lukas Cartea in 2015. With a strong influence from iconic bands from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, “Man from the Box” aims to make the listening of its music an immersive experience by telling stories in a way that gives a sense of movement in time and that describes situations to which the listener can relate to.

“Three Sides of a Tragedy”, the trilogy begun

Man from the Box’s “Three Sides of a Tragedy” tells the story of a man that decides to hang out with his friends in a city threatened by random crime and violence. Used to better times, feels no bad things can happen to him.

He was wrong.

The unthinkable may happen to anyone just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time in a city like this. The unpleasant surprise of ending in this situation and suffering a stranger’s irrational anger leads to great fear, regret and ignorance on what the future holds.

“Three Sides of a Tragedy I” tells this intense story, from the victim’s point of view, in a beautiful vocally contemporary prog rock EP, which happens to be the first piece in the trilogy. The music and lyrics create a dark and suspenseful environment and, at the same time, fill the heart with beautiful and strong emotions.

Parts II & III are planned to be released this year. The second part, coming this summer, takes the angle of family and friends of the victim. The third part is from the murderer’s perspective. The last piece of “Three Sides of a Tragedy” is planned to be released at the end of this year. If you are interested on receiving the latest news from Man from the Box, you only need to send a message from the official website, manfromthebox.com, and leave a valid email address.

“Three Sides of a Tragedy I” was officially released the 28th of November of 2015. It is available on all mayor streaming services like Spotify and Tidal, and available for download on Bandcamp, CD Baby, iTunes and GooglePlay.

With album art from great artist Andrzej Maria Krupinski, “Three Sides of a Tragedy I” marks a very interesting debut for Man from the Box.