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OKT: Re-imagining SoCal Underground Reggae

OKT: Re-imagining SoCal Underground Reggae

The influence of Reggae has witnessed resurgence in the last few years. Beyond a musical genre, it is a culture, a way of life.

It’s message is simple: One Love, an echo of Bob Marley’s vision for music and the world. It is carried across the country and across the world by the likes of Soja, Fortunate Youth, Ziggy Marley, E.N. Young and Passafire and delivered to large audiences of all ages. The youth, in particular, have taken the words to heart and created a movement around this message of love, around coming together, around music.

Originally formed in 2007 as a punk band, in Anaheim, CA, OKT has followed a revolutionary musical path into the vibes of SoCal Reggae. In the early stages of their tenure in the genre, the band could be heard at backyard parties performing a series of Sublime covers, mixing in some rock and hip-hop, depending on the party.

In subsequent years, the band’s sound evolved into a symbiotic fusion of the diverse musical interests of its four members, unifying the message and rhythms of traditional Reggae with a progressively alternative composition, instrumentation and lyrical style present in other genres.

OKT regularly incorporates additional talent from local bands and artists through performance and recording collaborations, creating unparalleled musical experiences for the audience and listeners. Their distinctly unique sound re-imagines SoCal Reggae, alternating between traditional, steady rhythmic phrases and complex patterns that feature richly distorted and cascading guitar tones and resonant vocals.

Over the last three years in particular, the band has focused on creating a sound that transcends current definitions of reggae/ska. The pinnacle of their work has been the newly completed recording of their album “Better Late than Never,” to be released on July 27, 2014.

The music of OKT is a progressive evolution of the Reggae genre. It embodies the spirit of the early morning surfer, the intensity of a skating session in Manhattan Beach, the liberty of a Friday night in downtown anywhere, the camaraderie of shooting pool over beer at a dive bar in Orange County, the adrenaline rush of skydiving over the Pacific, the after-dabbing epiphanies of a modern philosopher, and the raw energy of an underground music show.

It represents the mosaic of Southern California’s landscapes, circumstances, and people. It is filled with good vibes. Their sounds are celebration and of good music, an inspiration for coming together, a representation of the message of One Love.

Check them out here http://www.reverbnation.com/OKT