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REPTIEL Releases Fantasy Rock Album, Hobbitozz … A Land That Never Was

REPTIEL Releases Fantasy Rock Album, Hobbitozz … A Land That Never Was

Cubby Control Records announces the release of REPTIEL’s new album “Hobbitozz … A Land That Never Was”, a psychedelic prog rock fairy tale that takes place in a fantasy world somewhere between Middle Earth and the Land of Oz. It relates the story of Forest Boy who awakens one morning to hear a bird singing to him that he must bury his father who has died in the night and begin a journey through the sylvan landscape of Hobbitozz to confront the roots of its demise and discover his destiny. Along the way he confronts a cast of characters, including the Woodland Witch, JackOh the Green, the Tree of Life, and the Druid of the Wood.

REPTIEL’s Hobbitozz … A Land That Never Was is the first in a multi-part series of psychedelic sci-fi/fantasy rock albums that take place in a fictional universe conceived by REPTIEL and inspired by Celtic mythology, English and American folklore, fantasy and science fiction, pagan and occult rituals, and REPTIEL’s own “ceremonial musick” sessions in which they claim to communicate with Plantae, Earth and dark matter. REPTIEL has begun recording the next album in the series, (The Planet of) Progkp, and expect to release it next year.

Hobbitozz … A Land That Never Was, was recorded and mixed by Elton Cunniffe at Light Rail Studios in San Francisco, CA, during 2014 and mastered by Jason Gonzales at O-Town Mastering in Oakland, CA. January to February 2015. It was officially released on Halloween/Samhain 2015.

REPTIEL consists of four San Francisco veteran musicians who have collectively played in 23 bands in the City by the Bay. They came together in 2010 to form REPTIEL. Hobbitozz … A Land That Never Was is their 3rd album and perhaps their most fully realized. Their sound was described well by DJ Mitch LeMay of KFJC 89.7 FM: “REPTIEL performs tribal psych inspired by fantasy, arcane harmony/imagery and modernist/eclectic collaboration…They also ROCK quite substantially!”

Stream Hobbitozz…A Land That Never Was on REPTIEL’s Bandcamp page: www.reptiel.bandcamp.com

Find more information about REPTIEL on the Cubby Control Records Web site: cubby.net/ccr/reptiel.html