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Vinnie Perinotto – ‘Romantic Minstrel’ Working on 4th Album

Vinnie Perinotto Traveling Musician and Photographer

Vinicio Perinotto, better known simply as Vinnie, is a guitarist, a singer and a wanderer with twenty years of experience on the road behind him. During the years his passion for music and for travelling lead him to perform in beautiful places and in a great number of cities in over twenty different countries.

Vinnie, (singer/songwriter and acoustic player) is a complete artist whose music manages to break down barriers and prejudice, and gives emotion, intimacy and feeling.

He is a romantic minstrel and his nomadic experience and lifestyle give him precious knowledge of the peoples of the Earth.

In 2003 he published his first solo CD “Vinicio” in English.

Afterwards in 2004 he published the cover CD “Street Jam” and finally in 2010 came “Neanche un raggio di sole”, his third album and the first one in Italian. The fourth album is in phase of recording and will be published very soon.

Vinnie really loves music and he has the skill to create a magical atmosphere in its purest dimension, enchanting every type of audience. He is actively engaged in various different projects, all in the music sector and some feature his new group –  the Vinnie Perry Band with whom he uses live in the KLD and Crafter productions.

Official site: www.vinicioperinotto.com