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‘You Knew Me When’ Announce U.S. Summer Tour Dates and New Album

The DIY duo You Knew Me When are back at it again, this time taking a hiatus from their jobs, recording a new album, uprooting from their Nashville home and getting on the road full-time.

In the same spirit as John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley, You Knew Me When are planning to visit the U.S. at large, sharing their music with people from all walks of life, big cities and small towns alike. The duo will begin their tour at the Hard Rock Memphis on June 30th and then route through the Midwest. (See website for more details).

Before heading out on the road, the duo plan to lay the foundations for their sophomore album titled “You, Me, and the Rest of the World”.

The album will see a release in late in 2012, but in order to fulfill and maximize its potential You Knew Me When are enlisting the support of their own fans to help make the record happen. They are embracing a relatively new DIY music industry mantra and will be funding their record with the help of their fans and Pledge Music.

Pledge Music offers fans the opportunity to support You Knew Me When’s latest album, while at the same time offering some unique, personalized items and opportunities. Everything from customized paintings and jewelry from Cie and Karisa, to private house shows, to instruments used by the band are included as incentives.

For more information or to make a pledge, please visit www.pledgemusic.com/projects/youknewmewhen

Every pledge will include a download of the new album “You, Me, and the Rest of the World” once it is completed. Plus, once the target goal is reached, 15% of all money earned above that set goal will go to the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, a non-profit state-of-the-art mobile Pro Audio and HD video recording facility that provides hands-on experiences for students of all ages.

The Bus travels across the U.S. and Canada year-round, providing free tours and workshops at schools, retailers, festivals, and is made possible by an agreement with Yoko Ono Lennon. Given You Knew Me When’s ties with music education, they are proud to be partnering with the Lennon Bus to help support their cause!

Please learn more at: www.lennonbus.org.


Although music had been the lifeblood that brought them together in Nashville, Tennessee, it took the husband and wife duo You Knew Me When nearly a decade to create music together as a united pair. Stemming from the separate musical backgrounds of Cie Hoover, who predominantly resided within the metal / indie-rock scene, and Karisa Hoover who could be found more often in vocal seminars and music education workshops, the two began writing music together in mid 2009. It was from that point on that the two began melding their life partnership into the musical partnership known as You Knew Me When.

In a city molded by the makers of music You Knew Me When have come into the fold with a self-titled debut album that reflects a truly do-it-yourself approach to making and sharing music. The debut album from You Knew Me When, is a strictly, homemade, homespun, DIY effort on behalf of the pair. Every facet of the album was written, recorded and nurtured by the duo in their home studio. An eleven-track foray into the memories, poetry, and creativity of the couple, the debut album from You Knew Me When is a truly genuine musical duet.

The music of You Knew Me When parades between a fusion of progressive indie-rock and folky piano driven compositions, all infused with a myriad of pulsing and stirring beats. Karisa, who until recently served as a Nashville public school music teacher, provides the piano and lends her classically trained vocals to the music, while Cie, who spent several years as the Global Events Production Manager for Gibson Guitar, supplies the guitar, additional vocals, and rhythmic nuances. The cumulative result is a musical style that blends a singer-songwriter soul with a pop/rock mentality.

Both physical and digital copies of the debut album from You Knew Me When are now available at www.youknewmewhen.com. The album is also available on iTunes, Amazon.com, CD Baby, and other online retailers.