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Funny Viral Campaign Seeks Justice for Unpaid DJ’s

Pay The DJ seeks justice for the unpaid DJ’s all over the world.

Did you know that last year over 60% of the British DJ’s had to work for free? Did you know that the problem is global: DJ’s all over the world are suffering from the “pay-to-play” culture.

Pay The DJ is a global initiative to support the DJ’s all over the world, and to gain awareness towards a big problem the DJ’s are often facing: not getting paid for the hard work they do.

“The real problem here is that people don’t know what happens behind the curtains. The average fan and clubber thinks that artists get paid well, but often this is not the case.” says Mr. Anssi Uimonen, the founder of Pay The DJ -initiative and CEO of Beatsy, a widely used booking service for DJ’s.

“The ones who create the night and keep the crowds entertained – the DJs – should get the respect and the recognition they deserve, with a proper paycheck. They pour countless of hours into perfecting their skills, thousands of pounds to keep their record collection fresh, but still don’t get paid enough”, Uimonen adds.

Pay The DJ urges people to show their support for the cause by tweeting with the hashtag #paythedj and sharing the funny viral video for the campaign to increase the awareness of this global problem. Check out the touching video above.

Pay The DJ is a non-profit initiative by Beatsy. The world’s leading DJ and urban artist booking service, Beatsy was founded in 2013, and it is used by DJ’s, artists and promoters in over 40 different countries to book and to invoice gigs.

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