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BxRod Brings New Vibes to the Bay Area

Hailing from Northern California, Bay Area singer BxRod (Bee-Ex-Rod) is shedding some new light on the Hip-hop/RnB scene. At only 18 years old, she is helping to show that there is more to her generation then just “turning up”. Shying away from the more mainstream sounds of Heartbreak Gang slaps ... Read More »

K.U.T. Releases “The Beat Theory” An Underground Beat Journey

Underground Hip Hop is thriving for those that know where to look. Many great Emcees are in existence expressing themselves on the Underground indie scene. Releasing music, making videos and doing shows, times are great. Hip Hop itself is healthy and many artists in the mainstream have successful careers and ... Read More »

Tah Breeziiy – Musical Schizophrenic

Underground Rapper, Tah Breeziiy describes his latest release – the Complex Personality EP. “The EP includes 8 tracks that distinguish 8 different characteristics from my personality. Coming after 7 previous mixtapes released throughout the last two years, my first official EP brings you an inside look of how my brain ... Read More »

Puerto Rich Releases New Mixtape ‘Poor To Rich’

Puerto Rich has been a part of the underground hip hop scene for a little over a year now. After performing a few shows and gaining some experience under his belt, he has released his second mixtape entitled ‘Poor To Rich’. Poor To Rich consists of 13 original tracks. Puerto ... Read More »

NEW!! Toxic Music Group has 2 Stars on the Rise

Whether it be singing or rapping, there is a style of music for everyone to enjoy when it comes to the Toxic Music Group. Within the past month they have had two artists release tracks, the views and plays started racking up within the first 24 hours of being dropped. Derek Lopez, ... Read More »

Stanley Ipkuss & Ewonee Thee Beatnik’s “.Indefinite.” Album Available @ stanleyipkuss.com

(Sounds like: mndsgn,OhBliv, knxwledge, MF Doom, Talib Kweli, Bishop Nehru, Nas, The Doppelgangaz) Indefinite is a 14-track collaborative album featuring music by Ewonee thee Beatnik of New York, and rhymes by Stanley Ipkuss of Berkeley, California. This album stylistically pays homage to the Golden Age of Hip-Hop while experimenting with ... Read More »

New Mix Tape: Politicize – Witness My Arrival

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M. Jean M. Invites You To Live Through Her

Introducing M.Jean M. Throughout the past year, a young student independent of money and time has been slaving away on her own. She bangs on controllers and blasts speakers with basses loud enough to make Dr. Dre flinch. M. Jean M, real name Maurie, is an aspiring rapper, poet, songwriter, ... Read More »

Producer K-U-T Keeping Grit, Gryme and Boom Bap in Underground Hip Hop

K-U-T is a New Jersey born, golden era producer/beat maker that continues to make that underground grit no matter what the mainstream does. He pays homage and respect for the early pioneers of Hip Hop culture and forges ahead with the sound and styles that laid the foundation for all underground ... Read More »

New Producer !mAsK! Seeks to Promote his Music

Within the expansive and ever-shifting labyrinth which comprises modern music, it is simultaneously easier than ever and increasingly difficult to capture the attention of a demanding audience. While the simplicity of music sharing makes for a diverse and interesting mass of music on the internet, the difficult part becomes encountering ... Read More »