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JaLon Blac – Killing the Stage at Club Status

JaLon Blac – Killing the Stage at Club Status

JaLon Blac and Chazzam rocked the house at Club Status in Macon GA. They performed the hit single P.S.A and THAT SHO’NUFF, of JaLon’s debut album Johnny Bootlegger: Maconga, School for the Gifted presents, which is taking the world by storm.

The album is very rhythmic from the essence of soul, to pop to techno…definitely something for everyone to love.

“There’s nothing more surreal than one day, no one knows your name, then the next day seeing the croud sing along to your song,” JaLon Blac admits. “Everything is just moving so fast. I remember selling Cd’s infront of the stores in Macon, and this guy drove back and asked if I could sign the cd because it’s going to be worth something one day.”

He got into music through B.B.E (Macon, GA), and then came over to HamTrackz Productions, where he met up with Chazaray “Chazzam” Tolbert and Michelle Latimer. “It felt good to meet a person with a different outlook to music, and really bring it out of me. They really taught me that at the end of the day, it’s one thing to say that you want to be an artist, but you have to look at the business behind the scenes, and that’s intense”.

He’s currently doing radio promotions, touring, and working on his next album.