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Jay’More – New Hip Hop Talent, Out Of Brooklyn

Shakir Damis (Jay’More) has always loved music. Ever since the age of 9 he has been composing and performing in front of friends. Now at the age of 20 his passion has increased greatly, he to this day writes his own music.

Jay’More records in professional studios throughout Brooklyn and Harlem but currently at Commonwealth studios a group put together by Mr.Wiseguy and himself but the studio was put together by Caine. His desire to become a well known artist is incredible.

He has become known for his punchlines,metaphors, and willingness to be original with his music. Commonwealth consists of himself, Mr.wiseguy, 20Smoove, Caine, Freeze and FREE Kayleb. He is currently unsigned and hoping to be pushed to a label that can help him and his group get going and bring them on the right path to achieving their dream, but until then he will continue on making the music that hes loves.

Currently he has been working on his upcoming mixtape titled “Headphones&Headaches”. The video that is being shown is a song from the mixtape and is called Right Now. This is a highly anticipated single and so far the feedback has been amazing. Only being out for the public to view for four days this music video already has over 20k views on YouTube.

Look out for more of Jay’More and CommonWealth because they are surely on the rise!

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