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Producer K-U-T Keeping Grit, Gryme and Boom Bap in Underground Hip Hop

Producer K-U-T Keeping Grit, Gryme and Boom Bap in Underground Hip Hop

K-U-T is a New Jersey born, golden era producer/beat maker that continues to make that underground grit no matter what the mainstream does. He pays homage and respect for the early pioneers of Hip Hop culture and forges ahead with the sound and styles that laid the foundation for all underground producers.

K-U-T has paid his dues on the underground scene for many years now, during the 90’s he formed a group named Sektion Zero – a trio of 2 emcees with K-U-T as the DJ/producer. The group recorded many classic songs, of which K-U-T still has the masters. The group recorded and released an indie single and a full length project in 1997 titled ‘Land of None’ and although they were very young at this time, they recorded, pressed and sold their own cassettes which is an impressive feat for anyone to do.

Pre-dating this release and any beat making, K-U-T got this name in 1993. The initials stand for “Keeping U Tuned” which came from an unknown person who said after school one day, “Hey man you always “Keepin Us Tuned to what’s going on.” This was due to the fact that a young K-U-T would always invite the local emcees over to his house for rap battles, rhyme sessions and to just hang out, while he spun records on the turntables.

These sessions with various people would develop into different groups that wouldn’t always last but K-U-T would eventually get into making beats. The early equipment was crude, Casio keyboards, 4 track cassette recorders, a very basic drum machine and a Gemini sampler without editing capability. This was way before the likes of Protools and Reason. Even though early production wasn’t great, it laid a nice foundation for K-U-T to build on, grow and develop until the production quality got undeniably ill and the respect from the emcees went up.

K-U-T also has a degree in art and design, paints canvas and occasionally does art shows. He has also now formed his company K-U-T Productionz, which is strictly a Boom Bap Underground Hip Hop production company. The company is a new upstart where you can get production for your project and as a way to fuse his passions, you can also get an original painting signed by K-U-T himself. So with this company, underground music and art have come together for all to see and hear.