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M. Jean M. Invites You To Live Through Her

M. Jean M. Invites You To Live Through Her

Introducing M.Jean M.

Throughout the past year, a young student independent of money and time has been slaving away on her own. She bangs on controllers and blasts speakers with basses loud enough to make Dr. Dre flinch.

M. Jean M, real name Maurie, is an aspiring rapper, poet, songwriter, and producer who has just completed her first solo album, “Live Through Me”, where she takes on the role of writer, producer, and recording engineer for her work.

Up until now her musical experience mainly consisted of free-styling over instrumentals borrowed from YouTube producers and popular artists. But now, she begins out on a longer and extensive creative journey, on a mission to become more than a typical female rapper. She urges to bring back the days of women having more control and being the gatekeepers of their own sound and word.

In the small but adaptable studio of Stetson University, M. Jean M. has put in the time to compose an album mixed with political consciousness, stories from the party life of a student, tales of heart ache, and love.

“Live Through Me” does a good job of taking the listener on a journey through the eyes of the artist. The beginning of the album features Drake-inspired brag tracks and party anthems including “Asphalt” and “Work”.

But the album also tackles the political beliefs shaped by the education and experiences of the artist, songs like “Animal Crackers” provide hard hitting commentary on clothing brands and adhering to social hierarchies and “Idler the Wheel” makes heavy references to racial angst in Central Florida spurred by the Trayvon Martin case.

In short, there’s a little bit of everything in this album.

The instrumentals are often hard hitting and at times dark. M. Jean M. showcases both her rapping ability and her love for poetry. While her rapping ability at times suffers from inconsistency and irregularity, there is potential for growth in her flow and the abilities to set a new precedent in the Hip Hop community.

As a writer, she flat out speaks what’s on her mind and heart and invites her listeners to issues and views that are still shied away from many in the Hip Hop community even today.

With today’s Hip Hop world experiencing an influx of growing versatile artists including Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino Drake, and J. Cole, M. Jean M. is hoping to join these ranks and represent for the women in her own right.

“Live Through Me” isn’t complete perfection, but there is definitely a spark on the album that will make Hip Hop lovers and music lovers in general want to hear more from her in the future.

The full album is available for listen on her official SoundCloud page, and available for free download on her official website.