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New Producer !mAsK! Seeks to Promote his Music

New Producer !mAsK! Seeks to Promote his Music

Within the expansive and ever-shifting labyrinth which comprises modern music, it is simultaneously easier than ever and increasingly difficult to capture the attention of a demanding audience.

While the simplicity of music sharing makes for a diverse and interesting mass of music on the internet, the difficult part becomes encountering one’s key demographic and finding quality music among the millions of throwaway files.

The purpose of this article is to promote the music of a particular artist, who creates music under the alias “!mAsK!”, formerly “Njhudz”.

The name “!mAsK!” was chosen to represent the complexity alluded towards in the introduction of this article; internet anonymity creates an environment in which anyone can flourish, regardless of stereotypes, predispositions, or any other sort of surface level generalization.

The metaphorical mask created by the internet creates a veritable utopia of creativity and expression. With that being said, achieving any sort of success through the internet requires a starting point, and perhaps a fan base or recognition of a larger entity.

Therefore, it is humbly requested of any individual who may have stumbled upon this article to visit the soundcloud page of !mAsK! and provide some sort of input towards the betterment of his craft. There is no shortage of material on this page for criticism. Additionally, he is open to any requests involving use of his tracks and even production of entirely new tracks for any specific purpose.

These interactions are more often than not completely free of charge. His profile includes hip-hop instrumentals, r&b instrumentals, and remixes. He has remixed contemporary pop such as the Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding Hit “I Need Your Love”, as well as older songs such as Eddy Money’s “Take Me Home Tonight”.

Although there currently is not much excitement surrounding this artist, your support could lead to his eventual success in pursuing his life’s passion. At the very least, should you be underwhelmed with the sound, content, or any other aspect of his music, leaving a comment could provide useful and constructive feedback which has the potential to augment an entire artistic process into one more suitable.

In contrast, if you enjoy the music, sharing, commenting, or even simply liking could make the difference in future projects. You may like the music of !mAsK!, or you may hate it, but the only certainly true thing is that you will never know for sure until you listen to it.

You can check it out here: https://soundcloud.com/njhudz7