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NEW!! Toxic Music Group has 2 Stars on the Rise

NEW!! Toxic Music Group has 2 Stars on the Rise

Whether it be singing or rapping, there is a style of music for everyone to enjoy when it comes to the Toxic Music Group. Within the past month they have had two artists release tracks, the views and plays started racking up within the first 24 hours of being dropped.

Derek Lopez, sultry R&B singer, dropped his single “Love Notes” a few weeks ago. It is a very passionate song about the heartache of a breakup that mostly everyone can relate to. Then about 2 weeks later, new rapper Mychael Jay came and changed the game with his single “Like We Do” which features his fellow artist Derek. It’s a bass-thumping club banger that makes you wish you could rock with him and his crew.

Mychael Jay is the founder of the Toxic Music Group. He started Toxic Music Group as a platform to get discovered and to help other artists along the way. Where he is an unsigned artist, he wanted his listeners to know where his music is coming from.

It has always been Mychael’s dream to be an entertainer and has been working on become one for years. He is extremely talented with the ability to not only rap but also sing, dance, write and produce music. Mychael explored the singing route but wanted to show he had variety as an artist and decide to give rap a try, which came to him effortlessly.

In the hopes of getting more buzz of his work, Mychael brought in his good friend Derek who is also an aspiring artist. With Derek’s suave voice and Mychael’s creative abilities, “Love Notes” was born. There was even a music video launched on YouTube which shows off more talents from both artists.

Derek with his on-screen presence and Mychael with his behind-the-camera and editing skills. Since the release of Mychael’s single ‘Like We Do”, he has been working on more music for Derek and himself. Derek is due to have his next single “Soldier” release by the end of the month while Mychael is planning for the video shoot of “Like We Do” which is set to release at the end of July.

Go to the Facebook page and check out what they have done so far. You should also like the Toxic Music Group page so you are up-to-date on any new up and coming songs, as well as new artists on the rise from this hit-making production company. Both songs are available to stream and download, so go give them your support. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Check out the Soundcloud page here