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Philadelphia Artist, Philly Chase Announces New Album “#UnPOPular.”

Philadelphia, PA- Philly Chase is giving the music industry some excitement to look forward to, and with excitement, comes much change, pay attention as #UnPOPular is set to make a statement.

As the Philadelphia artist plans to release his album #UnPOPular on January 1, 2014, he continues to stick by his mantra, “Those Who Do Not Fit In Define What’s Next.” The self-explanatory quote is the theme behind the album. Philly Chase is passionate about ensuring that his work is out of the ordinary, with great concepts catchy hooks, and interesting features.

Produced by Digital Beatz, Epik The Dawn, Majestic and LDB just to name a few, with features from underground artists such as Lihtz Cameraz, Blake Winters, Rosie and Kanita Benson. #UnPOPular has already established itself as a guaranteed hit. “My Features are not with the usual artist you would see on a “Philly Project” he says, “I went with the more hungry up and comers.”

#UnPOPular will demonstrate Chase’s remarkable story telling skills, as he invites his fans to take a walk into his shoes, With songs like “Divorce” where he explains in detail his parents divorce and its impact on him, “Suicide” which is a darker look into his demons and “I Believe” where he takes an heart felt dedication to God. “I am making a statement with this Album!” says Chase.

Philly Chase has just re released the music video to a fan favorite hit “Mama Said,” if you enjoyed those visuals, there are many more to look forward to with this project, Check out “Mama Said” on YouTube.

For More information on “#UnPOPular”, Philly Chase, or to schedule an interview contact The Phoenix Public Relations at 215-668-8171 or email chichie@thephoenixpr.com