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The Rise Of Calvin X

The Rise Of Calvin X

Calvin X is a new dope artist breaking into the underground music scene. At 25 years old, he is preparing the release of his first Major EP entitled “Perfect Timing”.

He’s just recently released two singles from the project. This dude is sick. Calvin X is a MUST listen.

Originally from Boston, Ma which receives little music notoriety, Calvin X now resides in downtown Atlanta and has gotten heavily involved in the quote on quote “Downtown Atlanta Life” which is a lifestyle consisting of experimental drug-taking, raving, street art, and really intense partying.

In each of his songs you will hear a piece of this lifestyle song by song. This is definitely a new generation artist you want to check out and experience.

Soundclick Link: https://soundcloud.com/calvinx/the-summer

Soundcloud Link #2: https://soundcloud.com/calvinx/a-night-in-heaven