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Hip Hop is Still Breathing- The Debut of Stormy English

Hip Hop is Still Breathing- The Debut of Stormy English

18 year old up and coming midwest hip hop force Stormy English just recently released his debut single “Sunny Out.”

Sunny Out is a indie rap sounding track that people of all tastes can enjoy. It depicts great emotion whilst having fun at the same time. Sunny Out is a very well written piece with strong feelings of depression and sadness, portrayed over a fun 90s beat. It seems as if the lyrics of Stormy English are almost hidden with the up beat music and catchy hook, almost as if he’s trying to hide his great sadness and depression and mask it as if one notices.

The entire song, especially the hook, brings back fond memories of growing up, along with the bad and the awkward. Obviously distraught about something, Stormy English depicts sorrow and sadness in his own hidden unique way. As everything of course, there is always light at the end of the tunnel (or so we hope), and English seems to know this. Reaching the end of the song, the sadness seems to turn to wonder.

What will happen to the young artist’s future? After all, the music business is risky, and with his entire life still ahead of him; Stormy doesn’t know rather to quit or go on. With the will as strong as a Lion’s roar, the teenage rapper decides to try his luck, and go against all odds for what he loves.

Did he overcome his depression and fear of the future?

That’s really hard to tell. All I can say is I can’t wait for his online album Saturday Escape releasing in March. The story unfolds as a young artist takes you on a lyrical roller coaster, and escapes the world on one interesting Saturday…


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