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Tah Breeziiy – Musical Schizophrenic

Tah Breeziiy – Musical Schizophrenic

Underground Rapper, Tah Breeziiy describes his latest release – the Complex Personality EP.

“The EP includes 8 tracks that distinguish 8 different characteristics from my personality. Coming after 7 previous mixtapes released throughout the last two years, my first official EP brings you an inside look of how my brain functions on a day to day basis.

The EP includes the intro “Complex Personality” which is a freestyle over the Meek Mill’s “House Party” track, on which I speak about my viewpoint on Hip Hop and Rap as of today, as well as introduce myself to my listeners. Other singles include a stripper anthem “I Throw Money”, a ode to Classic Hip Hop “3 Rounds” and a self expressive track titled “Do You Love Me”.

I provided listeners with a chance to experience 8 different characteristics that make up my personality. I speak on past issues to present success, I allow listeners to see where I started and progressed to as of now. Listening to this EP is like watching a child transition into adulthood or coexisting with the four seasons as they change. Every track is different and I mix and mingle with different deliveries and rapping techniques, such as metaphors, similes, punch lines, scheming and massive wordplay.

The name of the EP “Complex Personality” was derived from the feedback I would get from engineers, friends, producers, other rappers and friends about the music. As the topics switch from rapping about school, to experiences growing up in a rough neighborhood, to meeting new people, to adapting to new elements and scenery, to things I have witnessed growing up. Each song represents a time where I had to adapt to a new situation just so I could feel comfortable in my own mindset.

I never really considered myself to be a rapper, I just knew that I liked music. I like all types of music and listen to many genres of music throughout the day. My love for rapping didn’t start to blossom until my love for singing started to fade. I would be singing songs by artists I had on my iPod and would find myself making up little raps to go along with the song covers, just to add more of myself to the song.

When I let my friends hear the songs the would say things like “that’s deep”, “you wrote that yourself” or “you should start rapping too” and I just sort of looked into it and learn different rapping styles from rappers I liked, rappers I didn’t usually listen to, rap battlers or whatever was doing well on music charts, and then I sort of finally came into my own.

All the song titles are just sayings, that I utilize or hear throughout the day, I want my listeners to feel familiar with what they think the song will be about based off the title of the song, and then it’s interesting to see how they perceive the song before listening and if their original perception has any correlation to how they feel after listening to the song.”

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