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Things are Happening on the South African West Coast Hip-Hop Scene

Things are Happening on the South African West Coast Hip-Hop Scene

Over the last few months, the underground West Coast Hip-Hop scene in South Africa has seen some changes occur.

With underground artists like Goku from War3 Karak3terz, Big Twist, Tha Real U and Legacii hustling on Soundcloud and Reverbnation, Internet exposure has steadily increased. Tha Real U released ‘Underground Kings’ which is steadily notching up 100 downloads a day. Goku has released a series of music videos online which accompany those of Bizzy and Zayo, as well as the Major Playaz, and Tha Real U has released a music video as well.

This kind of exposure not only helps local artists but it helps to shed light on the South African Hip-Hop community as a whole.

Recently Big Twist collaborated with Goku on a banger with Ivaan and Lazy B, who have both appeared previously on one of Goku’s songs. Not only did this song (‘We Made It’) show how West Coast Hip-Hop steps things up, but so did Tha Real U’s ‘That I’m Dreaming’ and ‘Long Nights’ which encouraged newcomers Jempas and Lee Rick to get further involved in the music.

General and Young Fl!p gained access to the Hip-Hop scene as well when they debuted on Big Twist’s first mixtape, along with Prospect and Double D which gained them added recognition.

Like everyone in the industry, you have to start somewhere (and that’s usually at the bottom). These young artists are  making music with a passion and are fighting for exposure. While they still remain largely unknown to the world, the little light that is being cast on the South African West Coast Hip-Hop scene is helping them grow and to progressively release new songs. With each release comes better sound, lyrical and production quality.

South African West Coast Hip Hop is an underground scene at it’s early formation. It might just be a matter of time until it blows up, then you can say that you were there at the start.

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