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Yahchi Brown the Great – Travelling Down the Road to Success…..

Crafty and stylistic, the upcoming artist Yahchi Brown the Great (also know as YBG) has been working hard over the past year to gain credibility in this tough Hip Hop industry.

Finding his touch from his East Coast roots which lay in Bronx, NY. His style has that catchy lyricism that makes your mind think on over drive.

With the heart of a fighter and the skill set of a champion, YBG has worked day in and night out strategically, so that his lyrics are ones that the people will not forget.

His first project “Embassy Suites: The First Floor Experience” was released on DatPiff.com in August 2012 and was a work of art. Capturing the listener’s ear by playing to every emotion possible through concept based songs. Through hard work and success for the first mixtape, YBG was able to continue down this road of success and now is working on his second project titled “Breaking Bad”.

With this new project he is trying to take a more daring and vicious approach to the industry, stating that he will now target different subjects harder and new experiences will be played with to accommodate the different tastes of listeners everywhere.

YBG’s song “Glory Road” is a work of significant lyricism newly added to his music arsenal, the whole track was self-produced; from the instrumental down to the lyrics and mixing.

YBG hopes to gain much more attention from this new “Breaking Bad” project because it will feature many more original instrumentals and more swagger to his presence on this project.

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