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Playlistunes : The Simpliest Way to Discover Rare Music for Free

Playlistunes : The Simpliest Way to Discover Rare Music for Free

Playlistunes is a music website of a new breed, the website offers an excellent, simple, and free way to discover tons of rare underground music.

The Music is clearly at the center of what the Playlistunes website provides, with very few frills. Most of the pages contain  a player, and a comment box. That’s pretty much it, and this is what makes the website pleasant to navigate.

Color coded categories makes music discovery super simple:
Green is for Rare Beats (Relaxing, Jazzy, Chillout, Swing, Trip Hop…),
Blue is for Underground Hip Hop (Aggressive, Fresh, Peace, Rapstep, Ol’Skool…)
Violet is for Rare Electronic Music (Dance, Dubstep, Electro, House, Minimal, Techno…)
Grey is for Rare Rock (Acid, Alternative, Garage, Metal, Stoner…)
And brown is for everything else (Blues, Funk, Oldies, Reggae, Soul…)

A click on any selection makes you enter in the corresponding category, an enter in a whole world of new Music, it’s as if the website is a window to another musical universe.

Each of the 70 selections contains at least 10 hours of rare music, and even eclectic people are guaranteed to discover something new within their favorite genres.

Most of those selections are linked to Youtube communities, and the selections are automatically updated as the communities upload. In addition to the selections made by the communities, any user can, without any registration, submit songs to the website. If those songs correspond to the requirements both in terms of quality AND rare music, then they will be added. This is why the website is already being labelled “The Collaborative Jukebox” by its users.

A user commented :
“I am in love. whomever is responsible for collecting all these gems is a truly original and excellent connoisseur of good music.”

In the end, if you want either to listen, or to contribute, this website is clearly made for you. Simply press play, and let the playlist roll.