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Rapper G2 Explains The Inspiration Behind His Music

Rapper G2

What inspires you to make music? “I started making music after a hard breakup with a girlfriend and I guess I just needed to tell the world what I was going through. I had planned to write this really dark song about being mad at the world, … but it ... Read More »

New Album from S. Habib and Starklove

A mature, intelligent, meditative album built on a foundation of classic 90s hip-hop. The new album from S. Habib and Starklove titled ‘Aftanoons’ features guest appearances by Big Pepp and Jon Mercure and was produced by Starklove, DJ Bazooka Joe and Prospek. Born in Newark, New Jersey, S. Habib (‘Beeb’s’) life ... Read More »

UK Hip Hop | Introducing Joey Mane

Introducing some fresh new underground talent on the UK Hip Hop scene, East London’s Joey Mane… “I was always talented in music from a young age. I just started taking it seriously at a late stage. In year 9 that is when I started rapping but I actually started taking ... Read More »

Underground Hip Hop: Broadway AL- Living To Die | Official Music Video

Here is a new video from NYC MC, Broadway AL . AL goes in over some smooth jazz sounding production with an interesting sax sample, I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s a well produced beat and AL’s lyrics talk about the reality of the streets. If you like ... Read More »

UK Hip Hop | New Single “Face It”- Murki D & DJ Fett. Out Now!

The single ‘Face It’ By Murki D and DJ Fett is out now at all good download stores. It’s a truely underground Uk Electro Bassline Hip Hop release, best described as a raw funk, Lyrics written and performed by Murki D, produced by DJ Fett. Buy from iTunes UK Buy ... Read More »

Official Reese “Nerd” ft. Mr. Cain & Infy

Official Reese "Nerd" ft. Mr. Cain & Infy

After almost 1 year of his “Party Hard” single being in club circulation, Mr. Party Hard a.k.a Official Reese has returned with another hit single called “Nerd”. This time he teamed up with fellow rappers, Mr. Cain & Infy, and producer J.O, who also produced the hit single “Mz. All ... Read More »

New Single From Beast Boyz “Loyalty” – (Hip Hop)

Beast Boyz - Underground Hip Hop

Fresh New Underground Hip Hop From Beast Boyz… The relationship between both members of Beast Boyz is quite a coincidence because they come from two rival states, New York and Boston. You would think these guys would have a lot more to disagree about and less in common, but these two ... Read More »