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Rapper G2 Explains The Inspiration Behind His Music

What inspires you to make music?

“I started making music after a hard breakup with a girlfriend and I guess I just needed to tell the world what I was going through.

I had planned to write this really dark song about being mad at the world, … but it somehow turned out to be very bright and inspirational.

It was cool in a way because, without the breakup, I wouldn’t have written my first dope song. That’s what inspired the name of it: Sunshine Out The Rain.”

Eventually, I got back on the ground and felt great about getting through the hard times. ”

How did you get the name G2?

“Well, in life 1, I’m G who is a thoughtful, reflective, a little overly sensitive artist type.

In life 2, I’m G the rapper, big headphones, can’t keep a good man down, dance machine, blaring into the mic, living the dream. Hence my rapper name G2.”

So What’s in store for the future?

“Overcoming life’s challenges has lead me to feel like there is nothing I can’t do, which inspired the lyrics to my first single ‘ Top Of The World’: – Standing on top of the world, living life and loving it! The whole world I want all of it!

Thanks and much love to all of you!”

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