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New Album from S. Habib and Starklove

New Album from S. Habib and Starklove

A mature, intelligent, meditative album built on a foundation of classic 90s hip-hop.

The new album from S. Habib and Starklove titled ‘Aftanoons’ features guest appearances by Big Pepp and Jon Mercure and was produced by Starklove, DJ Bazooka Joe and Prospek.

Born in Newark, New Jersey, S. Habib (‘Beeb’s’) life began in a deprived environment where he spent his early childhood in the shadows of major crime areas, protected by his family and of course his love of Hip Hop.

It was after a move to rural Louisiana he really honed his skills, creating feelings of home with every story told.

He would return to the east coast after graduation to pursue the real Hip Hop he felt he was missing. There he met up with D.Who and they formed the duo “ahbseen kwestions” aka “OQ”. They terrorized the underground scene with amazing freestyles on display in public places such as Washington Square park, NYC.

After monthly visits to the Nuyorican Poets Cafe  (at the time hosted by Bobbito Garcia), the Duo made their way on to WKCR and the famed “Stretch and Bobbito show”. They later recorded a full length album “The Air Album” but then dropped off the scene.

Now in 2013 we meet S.Habib in a new place, with a couple of solo albums under his belt, duos with his brother (the prolific recording artist elespee) along with his children and wife, he has a new scope on life and music.

His recent release “Aftanoons” is the first solo venture release on the newly formed Guerilla Publishing NYC, an independent label with New Orleans/NYC roots.

You can stream and download at www.gpnyc.com