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New Single From Beast Boyz “Loyalty” – (Hip Hop)

New Single From Beast Boyz “Loyalty” – (Hip Hop)

Fresh New Underground Hip Hop From Beast Boyz…

The relationship between both members of Beast Boyz is quite a coincidence because they come from two rival states, New York and Boston.

You would think these guys would have a lot more to disagree about and less in common, but these two have an inseparable musical bond.

“Priest da Beast” AKA “Mr. I Really Love Myself”, South Bronx Native, has an uncanny flow like no other that makes for easy listening.

He combines verses and hooks like he’s been rhyming for decades. His natural versatility lends him the ability to rarely ever sound the same on any track.

“I was born with hip hop in my DNA, music is in my blood line,” says P.


Inspired by the likes of the infamous AG of D.I.T.C which is family, Jay-Z, Sade, and Curtis Mayfield, P describes himself as an artist with a sound that is undefined. Hip Hop is in need of New Swank and Priest da Beast is ready to lead.

“Frank Vocals” aka ‘Mr Goose Bumps”, a Boston Native, the sanger of the group has an undeniable raw unique way of getting his point across with great “Swank” soul and power that some just cant put their finger on.

Influenced by various artist of various different genres of music. Frank Vocals is a R&b Singer of many flows. Some would say he is ahead of his time, catering to all ages an walks of life. “Rhythm Is my Love Blues Lives In My Heart Therefore I am Soul” Says V.

His goal is to not only melt the hearts of women, but too create music that pleases the souls of the Universe while being very Frank. Frank Vocals in due time is sure to be a household name in the music business.

There’s a few things that are certain about P&V. The ladies love them, the streets respect them, and young boys an girls look up to them. The self proclaimed, Leaders of the New on their way to leading a cultural revolution. JOIN THE NATION !!!

New Single “Loyalty”

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