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Underground Producer Hiro Showcases Future House Tracks [Free Download]

Underground Producer Hiro Showcases Future House Tracks [Free Download]

One of best things about scouring through SoundCloud is the endless opportunity to find underground artists/producers who have posted tracks that show true potential and future promise. An example of this is when I found Vancouver-based producer, Hiro, through Reddit. Although not much is known about this producer, the two original tracks that I’ve stumbled upon have really caught my attention. At first glance, his lack of views did make me hesitate, but I continued on and realized that the artist I just discovered could become something big.

Now before you criticize his lack of followers or the fact that he hasn’t released anything professionally, listen to the two original tracks he’s created. The first track titled “2 Deep” starts off with Zhu-like plucks and combines it with a tropical beat but maintaining a mysterious atmosphere through clever panning. It then moves onto a sexy bassline that I’m sure some deep house enthusiasts will enjoy.

The second track titled “Snakes” is what really caught my attention. Starting off with a similar intro with the plucks, the track then introduces a beat similar to a tech house track. He also samples Samuel L. Jackson’s famous quote from Snakes On A Plane before transitioning the song into a bass-heavy drop.

When I first heard the drop, my speakers were on full volume and I suppress the need to start dancing. I quickly sent the link to a friend of mine and she loved it as well. That was when I knew I just had to share this guy with the world. The songs he’s produced recently would probably be described by those in the EDM scene as Future House, a genre that is becoming known due to artists like Tchami and Oliver Heldens. I suggest you check this genre out for yourselves since many highly acclaimed producers/DJs have slowly started releasing more deep/future house tracks due to its rising popularity.

Although Hiro is nowhere near the same level of Tchami or Oliver Heldens, these two tracks definitely show his potential as an underground producer. His tracks do have room for improvement, but I hope to see his production skills evolve and use his style (the combination of Zhu/Tchami) to create some dope remixes and more original tracks in the near future.

Unfortunately, the only way to follow him is through his SoundCloud account. Hopefully he will improve his social media presence in the near future, but for now make sure you follow him to keep up to date!

[P.S. Both tracks are available for free download on his SoundCloud!]

Hiro – Snakes (Original Mix)
Hiro – 2 Deep (Original Mix)