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!mAsK! Releases Zedd Remix

!mAsK! Releases Zedd Remix

Underground music producer !mAsK! was featured in an article on this site a little over a month ago and has since continued to contribute to his library of remixes, most recently, he has released an interestingly emotional remix of Zedd’s hit with Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant.

This song, Find You is a remix that adds a new found layer of depth to the already stunning effort from Zedd and friends, by introducing a melancholy chord progression played through warm and watery synthesizers, building on top of acoustic rock drumming in the chorus until the song breaks down into a saw-fuelled drop over tense scale ascension.

The song features subtly chopped vocals from the acapella released onto Zedd’s official Soundcloud page, altering the vocals only slightly, but noticeably. The track concludes with a change of mood more akin to that of the original, with an inspiring piano delicately harmonizing with the choir of voices singing the refrain.

Ultimately, it is an interesting and refreshingly original take on the track, definitely worth checking out on !mAsK!’s Soundcloud, which is linked in this article.

In addition to this, the producer has released a remix of the song “Ceilings”, which was recently released as a part of the Local Natives album “Hummingbird”. Local Natives hosted a Soundcloud remix competition for which they provided stems for each and every song from the album, and have since chosen winners, which are posted on their page.

!mAsK!’s rendition of this song utilizes most of the stems provided, prominently showcasing a slightly pitched-up and reversed sample from the keys stem. Additionally, the guitars float angelically in the background, while the main and backup vocals soar above the nostalgic sounding instrumental.

This producer serves as a good place to turn to for your favorite remix, and is always open to suggestions. If you have any advice, feedback, or requests, please feel free to message !mAsK! on his Soundcloud. Additionally, he produces original hip-hop instrumentals which he seldom uploads to Soundcloud in the interest of favoring full length remixes over instrumentals.

However, if you are in contact with a rapper, singer or other person who may be interested in obtaining original instrumentals, !mAsK! is happy to provide you with one free of charge, or produce one specifically for you. Please contact him on his Soundcloud through comments or messages and he will be sure to respond and consider collaboration with you.