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Introducing: Prevrat, Post-Punk Synthpop from Kansas City

The artist Prevrat, aka Ric Gordon is a post-punk/synthpop artist from Kansas City. His sophomore album, Symbols, was released April 9th on Russian Winter Records. Prevrat blends influences from electronic, post-punk and new wave into music ranging from catchy synthpop, to indie rock.

Here is what Decoder said about the track Safe Distance:

“Prevrat is more cosmopolitan, with a darker pop sensibility and a slightly less glossy sheen of beats and percussions for backdrop”

This is what Indie Rock Reviews had to say about the track With Our Eyes Closed:

“A dash of post-punk and a pinch of synthesizers is a quick recipe for Kansas City’s Prevrat, but that hardly defines the art these tunes truly are.”

In addition to being an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, Ric has a PhD in Physics and has done research into the development of intelligent computer systems, neurodynamics, climate change and cyber security.

Here is a link to download and stream the album “Symbols”: http://prevrat.bandcamp.com. The album is available for “name your price” and can be downloaded for free.

Also, there are videos for all of the tracks featured on the album, http://youtube.com/user/prevratmusic/videos