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Kollidescope – Rising Underground EDM-Rap Duo Premier

Kollidescope – Rising Underground EDM-Rap Duo Premier

Kollidescope is a rising EDM duo who are bringing a new sound into the game. Kollidescope consists of DJ and Producer Soukai as well as Rapper and Lyricist, Rahat.

Soukai brings in his EDM influence and lives in Daytona Beach Florida, while Rahat collides with him to bring in his Hip Hop and Rap influence straight from the Bronx, NY. The two have come together to work on a brand new EP combining several different EDM genre’s with Rahat’s love of rapping.

The two artists met via SoundCloud and instantly clicked after decided to collaborate together on a couple of songs. After working together for a couple of days the two decided they wanted to become a formal EDM-Rap duo and began working on new songs as well as a name.

Rahat was the one who though of the name during a day at a Toy Store where he works as a product demonstrator. “This lady asked me if we have Kaleidoscopes for sale and I instantly thought to myself, hey that kind of works as a name,” says Rahat whenever asked about how the name came about.

Kollidescope currently have a song released which will not be a part of their upcoming album but is currently available for free download on their official SoundCloud page. The song is called “Plasma” and is actually a remix of a song Rahat previously recorded with another producer who goes by the name, “The Silent Hope”.

With his permission the two remixed the track to release under Kollidescope and have turned the original experimental electronic track into a dark Dubstep song with even darker lyrics. The song itself can be streamed and downloaded from the link below:

Plasma (Kollidescope Remix)

Rahat has further plans to premier a brand new song from Kollidescope during one of his upcoming live performances. No decision has yet been made on which song but two of the tracks include an upbeat Drum n Bass record as well as a mellow Glitch track. The Duo hope to have their EP released by this winter via ITunes, Amazon, Beatport and more. To keep up with them feel free to check out the Kollidescope page on Rahat’s website below:

Plasma (Kollidescope Home Page)