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Stay_High Release New Instrumental Album on KURIA.

Stay_High Release New Instrumental Album on KURIA.

Stay_High has been on a roll lately. After getting signed to KURIA, He has just released his latest LP, TRANSCENDENT, on the 31st of January.

TRANSCENDENT is a 12 track album has a little bit of everything. Stay_High takes elements of instrumental hip hop and crosses them over with his signature psychedelic sound. Right off the bat, the track ‘Autumn Shades’ shows that Stay_High isn’t kidding around with his production quality.

This track’s atmosphere creates the beginning mood for the following tracks: ‘Blue Dream 2’ and ‘Luna’ (Free). ‘Deep Purple (What you Want)’ puts more emphasis on the upbeat nature of TRANSCENDENT. With the use of his synths and drums, Stay_High is able to breakout of the styles from the first couple of track’s, While still maintaining his signature sound.

The other half of TRANSCENDENT starts on ‘Floating’ which was originally a track Stay_High had on his Soundcloud for a while until taking it off to revise and put on this album. This tune takes samples from Arabesque No. 1 by Claude Debussy and the atmospheric breakdown and laid back beats on ‘Floating’ easily take best track of the LP for us, but there are many more tracks to check out. ‘Floating’ is available for free on the KURIA Bandcamp.

‘Ultraviolet’/’Infrared’ has a very ambient feel to it. The LFO use on the the leads on this track make for a very interesting listen. ‘Jungle’ is the only Drum n Bass tune on this album, but it is great! The use of the bass around the 1:40 mark makes this track stand out from the others. A prime example of why Stay_High is on top of his game.

‘Piano Drop’ is a very dramatic track. It will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. A definite must hear for anyone tempted on checking out TRANSCENDENT. ‘Calm Down’ starts off as Psychedelic Hip Hop tune, but quickly changes over to a different track (Stay_High sampled a free Modest Mouse tune and created a masterpiece by mashing up these two unique sounds). ‘Calm Down’ is also free on the KURIA Bandcamp.

The second to last tune is titled ‘Rise Up’ and Stay_High does a very good job at making you want to keep on listening. He captivates that on the tune. A perfect example of why TRANSCENDENT has something for everyone. The very last tune of TRANSCENDENT is titled Summertime which is a solemn end to this journey that is TRANSCENDENT.

Check out Stay_High – TRANSCENDENT | KUR 007

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KURIA is a small collective/record label based in Tucson, Arizona. They release they’re on music with no outside help. This is their seventh release since their beginnings in December 2012.