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Submission Rules

Submitting Underground Music News

Submission Rules & Guidelines

Please note: All news stories are manually approved and checked by a human being before going live, so please do read and adhere to the rules or your story will not appear on this site.


1. All stories must be original well written content, please do not cut and paste chunks of info from your website. Take a few minutes to craft a story that would encourage a reader to go to your site to learn more.

2. A minimum of 400 words is required before your news is considered for publication.

3. Spammy, junk, badly written, over SEO’d, un-original or incomplete stories will be rejected.

4. Keep it relevant! We only accept posts that are relevant to underground music.

5. A maximum of 2 links are allowed per post, 1 link to the homepage and one link to a deep page is allowed. But do not use the same link more than once.

6. You are responsible for ensuring you are not using or referencing copyrighted material.

7. No direct links to affiliate offers, sales/squeeze pages etc. You may however link to your iTunes store and similar sites provided the story is about or mentions your release/band/production.

8. We reserve the right to refuse publication of a story for any reason without explanation.

9. The manual review process takes time but this ensures only high quality content appears on the site. Please bear with us as we try to review and publish your article as soon as we can, in most cases your story will go live within a two weeks (if approved).

10. We reserve the right to edit your music news story to fix spelling or grammatical errors or to improve the formatting/readability of the post.