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The Rise Of Calvin X

underground hip hop - Calvin X

Calvin X is a new dope artist breaking into the underground music scene. He is prepping the release of his first Major EP entitled "Perfect Timing". He's just r Read More »

Underground Hip Hop from Mike Boner: New ‘Suicide’ Video

Mike Boner HipHop Mixtape Art

Brooklyn rapper Mike Boner has just released a new video for his single ‘Suicide’. The track comes from his latest mixtape – ‘The Legend Of Mike Boner’ and features Ronny Gods. I had a quick email interview with Mike and got to ask him the following questions. What is your ... Read More »

Bill $aber is Pursuing a Hip Hop Dream

As kid from Buffalo, NY I didn’t have it all growing up.  Just a dream of telling my life stories through lyrics, describing my ups, my downs, and everything in between. I kept my faith in God and was provided strength and support from my friends and family. That kid ... Read More »

Rapper G2 Explains The Inspiration Behind His Music

Rapper G2

What inspires you to make music? “I started making music after a hard breakup with a girlfriend and I guess I just needed to tell the world what I was going through. I had planned to write this really dark song about being mad at the world, … but it ... Read More »

New Album from S. Habib and Starklove

A mature, intelligent, meditative album built on a foundation of classic 90s hip-hop. The new album from S. Habib and Starklove titled ‘Aftanoons’ features guest appearances by Big Pepp and Jon Mercure and was produced by Starklove, DJ Bazooka Joe and Prospek. Born in Newark, New Jersey, S. Habib (‘Beeb’s’) life ... Read More »

Yahchi Brown the Great – Travelling Down the Road to Success…..

Crafty and stylistic, the upcoming artist Yahchi Brown the Great (also know as YBG) has been working hard over the past year to gain credibility in this tough Hip Hop industry. Finding his touch from his East Coast roots which lay in Bronx, NY. His style has that catchy lyricism ... Read More »

UK Hip Hop | Introducing Joey Mane

Introducing some fresh new underground talent on the UK Hip Hop scene, East London’s Joey Mane… “I was always talented in music from a young age. I just started taking it seriously at a late stage. In year 9 that is when I started rapping but I actually started taking ... Read More »

The 90’s Return: Golden Era Music from MF Flxw

Take a trip back into time… 22 year old self proclaimed Old School Emcee MF Flxw has done just that on his freshman street album mixtape entitled “Gxld HerringBxnez” ( The name implies the golden era of hip hop & r&b of the 1990’s). MF Flxw’s first street album certainly takes you ... Read More »

Things are Happening on the South African West Coast Hip-Hop Scene

Over the last few months, the underground West Coast Hip-Hop scene in South Africa has seen some changes occur. With underground artists like Goku from War3 Karak3terz, Big Twist, Tha Real U and Legacii hustling on Soundcloud and Reverbnation, Internet exposure has steadily increased. Tha Real U released ‘Underground Kings’ ... Read More »

JaLon Blac – Killing the Stage at Club Status

JaLon Blac and Chazzam rocked the house at Club Status in Macon GA. They performed the hit single P.S.A and THAT SHO’NUFF, of JaLon’s debut album Johnny Bootlegger: Maconga, School for the Gifted presents, which is taking the world by storm. The album is very rhythmic from the essence of ... Read More »