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Japanese Fighting Fish are ‘Swimming with Piranhas’ in their new savage release!

Japanese Fighting Fish, four lads who anchor their boat in London, are bringing fun back to rock with their electrifying new album ‘Swimming with Piranhas’ Read More »

Man from the Box releases “Three Sides of a Tragedy I”, a powerful story told with amazing music

Man from the Box has released his debut EP “Three Sides of a Tragedy I”, which is the first in the trilogy “Three Sides of a Tragedy”. The story, and inspiration, behind the music is based on true events. Living in a place where we share our mundane life with ... Read More »

Lying On Ice’s Debut EP

Lying on ice is a Colorado based electronic musical idea formed by two multi-instrumentalists Jesse TM and Angela Cross. Jesse, a graduate from Berklee School of Music and Angela who has a masters in jazz performance are combining electronic and acoustic instruments to make their debut album. The first two ... Read More »

Emerging Alternative/Pop Artist Libertay Releases ‘Southern Royalty’

Libertay is a female recording artist, residing just south of Nashville, TN. With southern roots, and an eclectic music taste, she has single handedly created a personal sound unlike any other. Her voice is a beautiful mixture of pop and folk complimented by unique synths and drum beats. Libertay’s passion ... Read More »

Rising Bay Area Rapper Brings Heartfelt Vibe to Korean Instrumental

Read More »

K.U.T. Releases “The Beat Theory” An Underground Beat Journey

Underground Hip Hop is thriving for those that know where to look. Many great Emcees are in existence expressing themselves on the Underground indie scene. Releasing music, making videos and doing shows, times are great. Hip Hop itself is healthy and many artists in the mainstream have successful careers and ... Read More »

Puerto Rich Releases New Mixtape ‘Poor To Rich’

Puerto Rich has been a part of the underground hip hop scene for a little over a year now. After performing a few shows and gaining some experience under his belt, he has released his second mixtape entitled ‘Poor To Rich’. Poor To Rich consists of 13 original tracks. Puerto ... Read More »

Mvnners – You Could Call It “Post-Bedroom Ambient Music”

Here’s a refreshing new genre for you to wrap your ears around,  the underground chillwave-bedroom scene is here. You could call it post-bedroom ambient – but it’s not amateur like ‘this was recorded in a bedroom’  more like ‘sunlight-filtering-in-through-drawn-drapes-and-illuminating-shapes-in-your-cigarette-smoke’ ambient. While browsing, lost through the interweb one night, I stumbled ... Read More »

The Vinyl Revival – A Return To Psycadelic Rock

The Vinyl Revival A Return To Psycadelic Rock There’s something about a power trio that always takes me back to when I first fell in love with music.  It’s a love that had a lot of room to grow – my father is a master tassa drummer and also played ... Read More »

New Song from Icelandic Rockers, Sign

Icelandic Rockers, Sign

The Icelandic rock band Sign has posted a new song off their album Hermd which is due for release Nov/Dec 2013. Sign released a critically acclaimed album “The Hope” in 2008 which landed them a slot at the UK metal festival Download’s main stage. Later that year they were featured ... Read More »