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Rising Bay Area Rapper Brings Heartfelt Vibe to Korean Instrumental

Rising Bay Area Rapper Brings Heartfelt Vibe to Korean Instrumental

Michael Cameron AKA Unsung(yui), a hip hop artist born April 29th, 1992, in at a small hospital in Mountain View, California. Ever since he was a child he loved music and often dreamed of becoming a superstar one day that could impact people with his music the same way it impacted him.

He never knew exactly how he would accomplish this until his senior year of high school when he stumbled upon hip hop and found his niche. What started off as a hobby his friends picked up while smoking and drinking at parties and parking lots quickly turned into something much more.

He formed a hip hop group with one of his closest friends Ling Wang, aka iSo! who also shared the same love for hip hop that he did and formed the group Lost Cosmonauts. Fueled by weed and raw passion they would continually write everyday while attending community college until they both dropped their first mixtapes on bandcamp ( Till Infinity Ends and Kids of Debauchery).

While bouncing in and out of school, work, and depression, Yui kept striving to create knowing him and his friends were destined for much more than making humble mixtapes for the homies. Still searching for answers on how he could possibly make a dent in the rap game he reconnected with his father, who in turn, connected him with Chris Taylor, otherwise known as Chris “the glove” Taylor, a seasoned hip hop legend who had been in the hip hop scene for years and knew how things worked.

After a couple of trips to LA and a few tracks laid, Yui finally felt like with so many people that now believed in him it was only a matter of time until he broke onto the scene in a big way. Although, with life never working out as one may hope, he suffered his fair share of setbacks. With the death of one of his best friends, and first love who he’d so strongly admired he fell into a deep depression.

He locked out the world and started questioning whether or not his music was worth it. After having finally started coming to terms with the loss with great help from his family and friends, we bring you to now with the clock set back to zero. Refreshed, and no longer the same inexperienced teenager that used to question his worth as an artist. He’s focused now. Ready to take on the world for the sake his dreams.

Having hit rock bottom a number of times the only way to go now is up. So may as well go all the way, right?

Check out his work on Soundcloud.