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New Song from Icelandic Rockers, Sign

New Song from Icelandic Rockers, Sign

The Icelandic rock band Sign has posted a new song off their album Hermd which is due for release Nov/Dec 2013.

Sign released a critically acclaimed album “The Hope” in 2008 which landed them a slot at the UK metal festival Download’s main stage. Later that year they were featured on Kerrang!’s tribute album to Iron Maiden called “Maiden Heaven” where Sign did a cover of Run to the Hills. Their version of the song was very controversial and got them several death threats from devoted Iron Maiden fans claiming that their actions was blasphemy.

Sign took some time off while its 26 year old founder and frontman Ragnar Zolberg toured with prog-metallers Pain of Salvation in support of their Road Salt pt.2 album.

Earlier this year Sign teamed up with metal-guru Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, In Flames, Raised Fist etc. etc.) to work on their album in Uppsala Sweden. Drumming duties were handled by Leo Margarit from Pain of Salvation.

Sign are about to release the long awaited album entitled “Hermd” which is old-Icelandic and means “with anger”.
They have added some electronic and hip-hop elements into the mix, sometimes sounding like a future Rage Against the Machine while sticking to their 80’s metal influence that got UK’s attention some 5 years ago.

The first song available for streaming is called “Ghostly We Walk”
Listen to the song “Ghostly, We Walk” here: Sign reverbnation page

or check out the official website www.sign-iceland.com