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K.U.T. Releases “The Beat Theory” An Underground Beat Journey

Underground Hip Hop is thriving for those that know where to look. Many great Emcees are in existence expressing themselves on the Underground indie scene. Releasing music, making videos and doing shows, times are great.

Hip Hop itself is healthy and many artists in the mainstream have successful careers and are living lavish lifestyles, enjoying their fame and money. The true underground artists are doing their thing as well. People such as MFDOOM, Dilated Peoples, Aesop Rock, Blueprint and KRS-ONE are definite forces in the underground realm and have blessed careers.

Underground Producer K.U.T. is a huge fan of the artists listed above. He respects each artist above and considers them geniuses that operate on levels of excellence when it comes to not just music and live performances but also marketing. They have something that will make them last forever.

The respect that K.U.T. has for these special artists has played a huge roll in why he started K-U-T Productionz and released his first project “The Beat Theory”. This project is a 5 song beat instrumental project that explores the ideas that rolls around in K.U.T. brain. K.U.T. aimed to create a project that was pure and exactly what he wanted as the company’s first release.

The beats have that gritty, vintage sound to them having been produced on the Akai Mpc 2000 and on Native Instruments Maschine, organic flavors and turntable scratches are combined to tie some songs together like tight shoe-laces and the project also pops with a touch of Jazz.

The 1st track of the release, ‘Escape’ flows continually with brass horns that rises as the vocal chorus “Escape” comes in and the driving bass thumps. Being a Hip Hop purest, K.U.T didn’t want to leave anyone out, the song “Battle! Battle!” is a B-Boy track specially for the breakdancing B-Boys and Girls.

K.U.T.’s favorite track on “The Beat Theory” is the song, “Tough Decisions”. This is probably the most raw beat on the release. Opening with clean turntable scratches as the flute samples and bass build up and the snare drums bash bash bash as the track sets off into a K.U.T. chorus. This is vintage K.U.T. not being afraid to let static enter into the mix as he crafted this production.

“The Beat Theory” is one of those E.P.s that fits well with any other underground classic. It’s a solid effort with plenty of enjoyment to be had listening while riding in your car or cleaning the house, be sure to check out YouTube for videos to accompany the tracks.

K.U.T will continue to set out to unleash his unorthodox style of beats on the Underground Hip Hop world. He has no quit in him at all so expect more raw music from his company K-U-T Productionz. His quest to make music for the underground heads is taking place as we speak. So support this pure hip Hop movement.

Check out http://k-u-tproductionz.com/ for more info.