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Emerging Alternative/Pop Artist Libertay Releases ‘Southern Royalty’

Emerging Alternative/Pop Artist Libertay Releases ‘Southern Royalty’

Libertay is a female recording artist, residing just south of Nashville, TN. With southern roots, and an eclectic music taste, she has single handedly created a personal sound unlike any other. Her voice is a beautiful mixture of pop and folk complimented by unique synths and drum beats.

Libertay’s passion for music derived at a young age. She won her first poetry contest at the age of 10 where the judges noted her future in writing. Fast forwarding several years later, she received a degree in Commercial Entertainment and took Audio Production classes where she learned to create a sound behind her poems.

She began her career in music at the age of 17 when she released several amateur songs via YouTube in the form of rapped poetry. Dumping the rap sound, Libertay, now 21 years old, has transformed her music into a diverse, nostalgic pop sound.

Refusing the cost of production fees, Libertay has journeyed through a rocky trail of self-production. She tends to cross-feed her songs with a feel from previous decades. For example, her new track ‘Murderous’ available on the ‘Southern Royalty’ album, is a blend of 70’s style drums mixed with synthetic chords of desire and betrayal. This track takes listeners on a ride of confidence in not losing pride after a break up.

Also enticing a nostalgic feel on the ‘Southern Royalty’ album is her song ‘On One’ which incorporates an 80’s power bass layered with a synthetic sound of late 80’s hip hop beats such as Salt-N-Pepa and Tone Loc. This song tells a promiscuous story of lust at a party and feeling attractive. The sound and lyrics to this tune are hot, hot, hot.

Aside from melody, what catches most people by the ear is Libertay’s vulnerable lyrics. The most vulnerable track on her freshly debuted album ‘Southern Royalty’ is a story she has held in her entire life, titled ‘No One Knows At All’. This song tells a tale of how her mother neglected her as a child, and still does today, by choosing men and drugs over a relationship with her. Her mother was addicted to cocaine all throughout Libertay’s childhood causing her mother to say bitter things and act in ways no mother should towards their child. The rejection of her mother sticks in hindsight still today and can be heard for the first time with this track.

‘Southern Royalty’ is an album unlike most and is definitely worth your ear’s attention. You can stream the album and download each track for free at https://soundcloud.com/libertay/sets/southern-royalty. As an independent artist, feedback is the highest reward so your comments, tweets, and responses are highly admired. Tweet your praise, or follow up on her features and future sounds on twitter @libertaymusic and be sure to listen to this one of a kind album.