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Mvnners – You Could Call It “Post-Bedroom Ambient Music”

Mvnners – You Could Call It “Post-Bedroom Ambient Music”

Here’s a refreshing new genre for you to wrap your ears around,  the underground chillwave-bedroom scene is here. You could call it post-bedroom ambient – but it’s not amateur like ‘this was recorded in a bedroom’  more like ‘sunlight-filtering-in-through-drawn-drapes-and-illuminating-shapes-in-your-cigarette-smoke’ ambient.

While browsing, lost through the interweb one night, I stumbled across an artist that had something to offer that few artists spilling out from soundcloud these days do, originality.

However, this was not the case with ‘Mvnners’, a 17 year old bedroom musician from Texas. As the first song on his soundcloud page came to an end, I found myself thirsty for more, as I auditioned more from his playlist of songs I found that Mvnners more than quenched the thirst. He makes music in a way that is entirely his own, with songs that are so loosely tied together by static and hazy ambience that they reverberate around in your head until the next song slowly fades in.

Doing a bit more research on Mvnners, I came across a bandcamp cassette release of an eight-track EP, “away from you”.

Standout tracks include (though I’d argue the album functions quite well as one 52-odd minute song) the upbeat murmurs of “I Could Love You” and the phenomenally subdued  (and verbosely titled) “Flowers Will Grow And I Am In Them And That Is Eternity.” If you haven’t spent a hazy afternoon half-drifting off to the nearly thirteen minute one-two fade-away punch of “What Was Troubling You” and “Static Against These Stars,” you haven’t yet experienced the best parts of melancholy.

Comparable with artists like Shlohmo, Evenings, and Teen Daze, Mvnners keeps listeners returning, hungry for whatever specific feeling or memory he has decided to synthesize next, with songs incorporating specs of hazy chillwave, dreampop, and melodic bedroom lofi, he creates an entirely new genre within every endeavour.

With upwards of forty songs released, finding new and inspiring music by this artist is anything but hard, (although the songs do appear to be scattered across the web, thrown up on youtube by seemingly random channels, with the only constant account being his soundcloud.) A steady stream of new tunes are uploaded for the listener, and with a full album on the way, Mvnners is definitely one of 2014’s top innovating artists to follow.