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Puerto Rich Releases New Mixtape ‘Poor To Rich’

Puerto Rich Releases New Mixtape ‘Poor To Rich’

Puerto Rich has been a part of the underground hip hop scene for a little over a year now. After performing a few shows and gaining some experience under his belt, he has released his second mixtape entitled ‘Poor To Rich’.

Poor To Rich consists of 13 original tracks. Puerto Rich has a nice blend of some 90’s hip hop sounds, as well as some new school darker sounds. The mixtape starts out with a track titled ‘Dawn To Dawn I’m On’, where he sets the mood and introduces his new style and mindset.

The mixtape was made with a goal in mind. The reasoning behind naming the project ‘Poor To Rich’ was to show audiences that bad people can have some good in them. During the first half of the tape, Puerto Rich has a darker feel, where as the second half, you see him come more to light and becomes more at ease with himself and his thoughts.

Tracks ‘Drip Gold’ and ‘Nuisance’ portray Puerto Rich’s darker side, showing his obsession with things of the world that are wrong. Drip Gold he explains how he is ready to live life the way many people think life should be lived; partying, performing, making ridiculous amounts of money. A couple of tracks later, Nuisance is played. In Nuisance he discusses how he is portrayed as a trouble maker and how he has lost the friendship of many once he started chasing his dream of making music.

In the mix he has a track called ‘Candid’, where he explains why he is the way that he is and thinks the way the he thinks. This track was specifically made for his audience to get to know him on a deeper level. Candid is a track that helped him get a lot of things off of his chest. You’ll hear about his father leaving, ex girlfriends ruining any bit of trust he had left in people, and how he truly feels about himself.

The interlude is the breaking point in the mixtape. Puerto Rich comes to the realization that the negative energy and his obsessions with money had altered his mindset. The following tracks ‘Lock Sh*t Down’ and ‘The Ick’ are more of a come back for him as he finally discovers his potential.

His song ‘Ghosts’ was dedicated to his ex girlfriend who was once his biggest fan. She really pushed him to do better in music and believed in him. During the mixtape you’ll hear him reference her on a few tracks, simply for the fact that she was very much a part of his life and helped him with his music in the early stages of his career. Ghosts was about getting closure and accepting the fact that they are done as a couple. A couple of tracks after ‘Ghosts’ comes a track called ‘Crying On The Inside’. He acknowledges all the flaws within their relationship, and confesses to still having feelings for her.

The mixtape ends with a track titled ‘Stay Golden’. Puerto Rich pretty much sums up exactly how he was feeling down on himself and how he came up strong by continuing his music ventures. He shows that he is here to stay and that the mic is the source of his power, not the money.

All in all this is a very well made and thoughtful project. You can tell that a lot of time and effort went into it. There is so much variety in this mixtape. From fast flows to old school flows, emotionally detached to pouring his heart out, being insecure to being confident as ever, there is no way you can go wrong with downloading and listening to this mixtape. Puerto Rich has a bright future ahead of him.

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