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The Room Open Fire with Debut CD Release

The Room Open Fire with Debut CD Release

The Room Open Fire with Debut CD Release



From the Southeast of England comes a fresh new album called Open Fire by a relatively new five piece outfit known as The Room.

Formed in 2010 by Martin Wilson and Steve Anderson of the progressive rock band GLD, in 2011 the two founding members finalized their lineup with Andy Rowe, Andrew Rae and Steve Checkley.

The five band members brought to the table a wide range of musical influences which has helped them to shape and define the sounds that would soon become their stunning debut album.

Open Fire is filled will nine tracks of music layered with great melodies and hooks. Early reviews of open fire are starting to come in.

Firebrand Magazine gives the album 9/10 and says “Musically this is a stunning album” BeRock Radio & Minizine says “A melodic diamond rises”

In October 2011 the Room released a promotional single ‘A Casual Believer’ / ‘A Multitude of Angels’ with high praise from their fans. In November 2012 the band is interviewed by Brian Dade of AiiRadio.net a popular internet radio station with a very active chat room.

Open Fire was played in all its glory throughout the 2 hour interview and the response from the listeners was overwhelmingly positive.

The Room is presently booked for many upcoming interviews and their music is beginning to get picked up by radio stations throughout the world, and have begun rehearsing for live shows in 2013. March UK dates will be announced soon.

Track Listing:
1. Flesh and bone 05:10
2. A Casual Believer 05:41
3. 16 Tonnes 06:45
4. Screaming Through The Noise 05:44
5. A Multitude Of Angels 06:07
6. In The Shadows 09:29
7. Behind The Silence 03:59
8. The Spark 07:12
9. ICU 05:59

For more information:
Press Contact: andy@theroom.eu
Label Contact: nick@melodicrevolution.com
Official Website: http://www.theroom.eu