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Lying On Ice’s Debut EP

Lying On Ice’s Debut EP

Lying on ice is a Colorado based electronic musical idea formed by two multi-instrumentalists Jesse TM and Angela Cross. Jesse, a graduate from Berklee School of Music and Angela who has a masters in jazz performance are combining electronic and acoustic instruments to make their debut album.

The first two songs are vastly different from each other but maintain the iconic LOI (thats pronounced Low-Eye) sound. Jesse TM was awarded the Gloria Estefan scholarship while attending the Berklee School of Music for film scoring and eletronic music production.

Angela Cross recently concluded a world wide trip that found her absorbing the musical ideas and culture from places like Morocco, Italy, Spain. France, England to name a few countries. During this time Angela Cross was featured on Unplugged Living on the DIY channel so be sure to check out that episode for more insight into the multi instrumental vocalist from Lying On Ice.

Rather than make a genre specific album we combine elements from ambient, neo-classical, industrial, pop, and many ethnic elements to arrive at the LOI sound. Our debut album (due out at the end of 2015) bridges the span between all of these seemingly isolated genres to take the listeners on an emotional journey.

The songs on this debut EP were both recorded and mastered at the Asylum Moon studio located in a suburb of Denver Colorado. With mountains as the backdrop the duo weaved an experimental tapestry of sounds and textures that simultaneously make you yearn to be surrounded by nature yet always reminded of the influence man can have on their surroundings.

The song Let Me Go features a prominent sound that as it turns out is a processed whale and dolphin combination. Running environmental sounds through tons of processing, filters and delays is part of waht makes these songs feel so natural yet foreign.

The third yet to be released song will feature Edward Ka-Spel from the Legendary Pink dots. The song is currently in the mixing and mastering phase but I can already tell you it is an amazing treat to hear. Lying on ice released a debut EP that can be found on Reverbnation, Soundcloud .

The two tracks featured from the EP are Let Me Go an ambient electronic song with a big beat, and G Minus 5 an ambient instrumental song with drums and a fantastic texture.