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Underground R&B | Introducing Daryn Alexus!

Underground R&B | Introducing Daryn Alexus!

Introducing Daryn Alexus, a new up and coming artist from Washington DC based out of Chicago, IL.

Daryn’s new track ‘Party’ (produced by Dee Lilly) features a catchy, powerfully delivered vocal over a military march style R&B beat.

Here’s her story as she puts it,

“I have been singing my entire life, I even successfully auditioned for Broadway plays in NYC for several years as a child. Fun fact, I even auditioned for the roll of Hanna Montana. My Mom noticed my love for the Arts at an early age and kept me involved so I attended an arts high school, Duke Ellington School of the arts. In high school, for whatever reason, I dropped singing and theater, ironically.

I fell deep into low self esteem about myself and my voice and stopped singing for 6 years. In College, I tried to pick up singing again, but my insecurities held me back greatly. I began modelling and engulfing myself in fashion studies. In March 2011, my aunt, someone whom I was extremely close to passed away from breast cancer. She would always be upset with me for not singing and not writing music or doing what I loved. She felt as if I was wasting it all away, I was.

Her passing opened my eyes, and in 2011 Daryn Alexus was born. Daryn Alexus is a name that she gave to me and I chose to run with. My birth name is Alexus and Darin is my fathers name. Her passing showed me that life was too short and from that point forward I decided to fight the little voices in my head and follow my heart.

February 14, 2012, I released my debut EP ‘Vintage Heart. Modern Love.’ With the 5 track EP I garnered respect from my peers and obtained attention from respectable music blogs like DjBooth.net, Ruby Hornet, Singersroom, amongst others. I am now gearing up to release my follow up EP ‘VHML2’ I wanted to submit to you all my new single from that EP, Party. VHML2 will be released mid March.

If you enjoy my music, which I hope you will, I encourage you to follow my journey as I have nowhere to go but up and I am optimistic that my dreams are becoming more and more of a reality each day as I keep God first and stay focused.

As always, I send peace, love and many blessings! ”