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Dull Unconscious Man is Music for the Cognitive Elite!

Dull Unconscious Man is Music for the Cognitive Elite!

Stuck With Green & Evan Zappa have been collaborating on both wild and zany satirical comedy and profoundly serious electronic industrial mayhem for the past 6 years. In 2014, their uniquely creative synergy resulted in the release of Songs Dad Won’t Let Me Sing, a mix of novelty, comedy and experimental-electronic music released through Starburst Music Publishing. In 2016, the pair hooked up again to release Dull Unconscious Man, a significantly more serious initiative.

As the oldest of eight siblings, SWG’s parents had a novel way of handling the household chaos. “To keep our belongings straight, Mom and Dad color-coded everything… I got stuck with the color green.” Stuck With Green has won numerous songwriting competitions and placed several scores into TV shows including the Dr. Oz Show and True Hollywood Stories.

Knowing that Necessity Is the Mother of Invention, Evan Zappa’s unstoppable creative passion helped launch his illustrious songwriting career. A genius for collaboration with over 200 songs featured on TV shows, Film, Commercials, etc., Evan’s music is definitely in the “Prime Time” zone!

So with thunderous electronic industrial madness, we introduce to you the Dull Unconscious Man project. D.U.M. questions the very essence of changes to the human condition in the digital age and also includes a remix of the title song which pokes a thoughtful and humorous stick within the very eye of politics.

Website: http://www.reverbnation.com/stuckwithgreen
Music: http://stuckwithgreen.hearnow.com