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Floating on the New Wave of R&B, 20 year old Sasha makes her Debut.

Floating on the New Wave of R&B, 20 year old Sasha makes her Debut.

Born and raised just outside of Washington D.C, Virginia native Sasha is determined to create her own sound in the music world.

It wasn’t until January of 2014 that she decided to take her written word to the mic. Her first mini EP “And Now I’m Free” began with the third track “Drift” which features New Jersey based rapper, Raaq. Sasha met Raaq at St. John’s University in Queens, New York where she completed her freshman year of undergrad.

After leaving St. John’s and returning to Virginia, Sasha took to Twitter to ask Raaq to write a song with her after discovering his involvement in New Jersey based group, BlackHood Movement.

Not very involved in the Virginia music scene, it wasn’t until Sasha met Quinton Alan Kilgoe II, aka Qman1, while spending the day in Brooklyn, New York that she was able to see her words come to life. The two decided to work on a collaborative project which was released on May 4, 2014 (also Sasha’s 20th birthday).

The EP “And Now I’m Free” is about Sasha’s craving for freedom. The EP includes tracks “Wishing You Well”, “SEizE THE DAY”, “Drift”, and “Summer’s Coming”. Sasha considers “Wishing You Well” her intro to the music scene in general. With lines like “I’m not looking for a prince I’m coming for the king.” and “When I sing it’s sweet poison all I can do is wish you well.” this dark tune is a sweet warning to other artists that she has arrived.

“SEizE THE DAY” shows Sasha’s protective side to her fellow artists. “Thought you couldn’t do it on your own but the one who overcomes sits in the throne. So why’d you give up?” Sasha feels pain when she sees someone give up their dream. She wrote this song to give hope to others.

“Drift” which features rapper, Raaq, is the first song that she wrote with the intention of recording it. “Drifters with the tide need release for the night. You gotta put me on so I can feel the rhythm of your vibes.” This song is about needing release and possibly enjoying the company of someone else while feeling that release…

Last but not least, “Summer’s Coming”. Inspired by Sasha’s walk home from work, the words that she wrote were directed to the nature that she sees. “I see your flowers have begun to bloom and that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to do.” She even begins to sing about some of the events that happened in her past but then quickly returns back to the sunny vibes of this song filled with golden rays of light.

“And Now I’m Free” EP was written and performed by Sasha. This EP features rapper Raaq, is produced entirely by Qman1, and is mixed by Jeff Tucker of Art of Music Studios in Alexandria, Virginia. The EP is available for free download at www.wordofsasha.bandcamp.com.