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Horrible Halloween Noises from DEATH CAT

Horrible Halloween Noises from DEATH CAT

It’s that year of time again, meaning everyday is Halloween! This Halloween, however, DEATH CAT releases their fourth album “Horrible Halloween Noizes”!

But who and what is DEATH CAT? and why should I care about reading another sentence about them? Well, if you are insane, then this just may be the perfect band to deafen your ear drums and blind your eyes!

DEATH CAT originated in Detroit Michigan in 2008 when guitarist & “talk/yeller” ToM Cat began performing the experimental noise thrash punk in inappropriate places from coffee houses, dive bars, basements, to venues. The band has gone through various line ups including: 5 synth players, 7 drummers, a bassist and accordion player.

The first album “Anti-Existence” went straight to the bottom with the explosion of itunes and disintegration of underground zines and myspace in 2009! The first drummer, Jade Dunn would vanish from shows and recording sessions, leaving synth drum machines to finish the album. It remains the most favorite and awful album by many of their fans.

Shortly afterwards, an EP of noise and anti-harmonies entitled “Jizz Jazz Cataract” was released under the unknown label “54AM Records”, which now publishes novels, strangely. With a new synth player and drummer, the band began it’s second notable incarnation as recording “Submit to Nothing” started on the same digital 8-track, in the same basement.

Live shows from the end of 2009 to March 2010, consisted of two to four members depending on who wouldn’t flake out last minute. The fourth member being, Barry Bednarski who played everything from violin to noise makers to Kerplunk on stage.

The synth player (who’s name cannot be written) moved to Chicago and ToM Cat soon followed leaving their drummer Seth Mehan and any following they had gained to the dust. During this location change, the band also recorded three psychedelic-noise-punk improvised albums. The best being “The War Against the Living” which has been called “the most psychedelically disturbing album of all time”.

“Submit to Nothing” is more of a concept album with a depressingly angry, boundary pushing flow that finished in 2011. The concept being the Universe inverting backwards on itself for the sake of Nothing”

Shortly after, a new trio lineup emerged and a whole new set of more artistically abstract and aggressive sounding songs came to life. The live shows started to take more of a theatrical turn with ToM ranting and raving and putting on confusing antics, pretending to leave the band on stage and singing into an unplugged mic. The band’s robot “Demodog-1138” also began to make more appearances, dancing rather than playing synth. Having no car, filmmaker/taxi driver, Brian Evans collaborated with band using cameras, projectors, and TV sets for experimental imagery when he would drive the band and their gear to shows. Live paintings by the girlfriends of Kimo Knowles would happen during performances as well. The line up broke up after recording “Guadare la Morte in Faccia” when ToM moved back to Michigan.

The current line up began in Los Angeles when accordionist, Spirit Sanctus and ToM Cat teamed up in 2014. Soon to follow was Ryan Skaggs, the bands first bassist and Harry Cloud on drums. The band did it’s first multiple week tour in 2015 called “Death Cat vs. the West Coast”.
In May the band released the “Zero Function EP”, followed by their “Death Cat vs the Mole-People” U.S. tour that featured a live storyline that followed a comic book about the band, of the a group of Mole-People who lure the band into underground tunnels by kidnapping their friend. The shows consisted of projections, on stage fights with alligators, giant spiders, mole-people and Radioactive Ratt.

It’s been four years since the release of the last DEATH CAT album “Guadare la Morte in Faccia” but DEATH CAT brings their best quality, best performance in pure audio format with “Horrible Halloween Noizes”. This album is combination of spooky sounds much like a cassette or album your mom may have played to set the mood wrong for holiday terror, along with noisy experimental punk songs. This album takes listeners from being chased down an alley way by Mole-People to being under the Pink Candy Hell spell in the dungeon of Castle Cat. Live shows visually paint the larger picture for this album.

The CD & digital download is composed by every other track of noises and songs. The tape is side:BOO!(spooky sounds) & side AAH!(spooky songs).

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