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The Vinyl Revival – A Return To Psycadelic Rock

The Vinyl Revival – A Return To Psycadelic Rock

The Vinyl Revival

A Return To Psycadelic Rock

There’s something about a power trio that always takes me back to when I first fell in love with music.  It’s a love that had a lot of room to grow – my father is a master tassa drummer and also played the steel drums professionally back home in Trinidad.

My father’s sister is the first woman in Trinidadian history to play the tassa drums as it is a very male dominated art form. She is currently in her 60′s and still plays the steel drums professionally in Trinidad and competes every year at Panorama (an international steel drum competition held every year at carnival time).

When the family trade is music, you grow up with an eclectic vibe – But still, through a million calypsos, Beatles albums, and Michael Jackson videos, the power trio was always the thing that brought me back to the roots of what I wanted to do in music. Like my aunt, I am the first family member to play rock music. I turned a few heads when they found out what I was doing.     😉

I think that maybe a return to the basics is what I was looking for when I started recording The first Vinyl Revival CD.  Don’t get me wrong, my time with the Mercenary Saints – a five-piece rock outfit from the Waterloo Region – was incredible and shaped the kind of music I was longing to write.

The underground jam halls there connected me to brilliant and talented like-minded artists who were also being pulled towards the power trio. That’s what happens when you work with incredible talent – iron sharpens iron, and before our eyes we were producing our return to the basics in a very exciting and unexpected way.  What we have is raw, bass, drums and guitar were recorded live off the floor, and we wanted it that way.

We were inspired by Band of Gypsies, and the kind of feeling that only comes from recording the jam hall experience like Hendrix, Miles, and Cox did. If we were looking to take a ride back home, it was our collaboration that drove us there – fast.

The future of The Vinyl Revival is bright and unhindered. I once had a long conversation with a professor from York University on a train trip from Toronto to Ottawa Ontario. I attempted to explain to her the infinite nature of music. Needles to say, I had the attention of everyone on that train car.

I explained my thoughts to her this way; There is a limit to the amount of frequencies that the human ear can hear. Other physical creatures such as dogs can hear more. So mathamaticly there are only X amount of frequency combinations that are actually possible in music for the ear to pick up, but when you add the human element, music becomes infinite.

Man will never run out of stories to tell, due to the fact that he is adventurous by nature, therefore we will always have new music to listen to.

I’m excited for what comes next.  But as this next album gets finished up, I want to re-present what the first Vinyl Revival album is – the power trio revisited, and a kickass trip home. I think you’ll dig it – Deion Roberts

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