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“Time To Burn” by Jon Bentley – Born in Rehab, Raised in the Train Yards, Delivered to your Screen,

Less than a year ago, Utah musician Jon Bentley found himself in a drug rehab facility in the town of Payson, Utah. Here is the story of  how this time influenced his latest song and video – 

Born in rehab, raised in the train yards, delivered to your screen,

 The story of my new music video.

“I had no interest in being there. Not just because I was still fond of my D.O.C. (that’s drug of choice, for the responsible adults reading) but because I had no interest in anything anymore, I even had a more than half-assed suicide attempt in my dorm room shower.

My D.O.C happens to be cough syrup. Not the prescription stuff with codeine, this was your regular over the counter Robitussin. Tastes like cherry-covered anus and does ridiculous things if you down four or five bottles.

Shortly after my bloody cry for help I started work on a song about giving up and resigning your soul to the devil’s care. It was one of those rare but always welcome events where the song feels like it’s writing itself, like you’re just trying to stay out of the way of the pencil and not jinx anything.

It became a favorite at the rehab and we’d sing it around the gas-powered fire pit in the backyard, all joining in during the chorus. This was a cool thing. Sitting outside with a bunch of bizarre drug addicts who all arrived there for their own (generally pretty miserable) reasons, belting out “Burn, burn, it’s time to burn.” Generally I went straight from singing this song to singing the other crowd favorite “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. – Nice juxtaposition there.

After getting out and starting to piece together a brand new life without my son or (now ex) wife, my new rehab friend and I wandered down to the ghetto, half-defunct train yards of Ogden, Utah and started filming this video.

The storyline is pretty straight-forward. A man (me) is running from the devil and finally climbs onto a train and gives up, exhausted. In between, there are some half-clothed singing shots and a radiohead-esque shot of water covering my face. It’s nothing much but I think if you give it a real listen, you’ll probably feel a lil something. Cause you’ve probably been there too at some point, or somewhere like it.

Just so you know, my life is incredibly better now than it was back in Payson. I still slip up here and there and wander through the pseudo-enlightening insanity of the Tussin but for the most part I’m keeping Satan at arm’s length.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the song.”

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